Digital Control F13

Lab reports from the course Embedded Systems – Embodied Agents, Digital Control in a Physical World at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University.

Our group consists of:

  • Thomas Winding
  • Morten Djernæs Bech
  • Kenneth Baagøe Kristiansen

We have got the LeJOS running properly on Windows, but haven’t worked on getting the BlueTooth connection working yet. Morten has a Mac, but haven’t got anything to work yet, so is using a VM with Windows to work with LeJOS.

Worth noting about leJOS for the NXT:
Apart from having to install an x86 JDK, since lejOS does not support x64 Java, we had some trouble getting it to run under an x64 Eclipse environment in Windows. Using an x86 version remedied this problem.

End-course project
The report as a pdf is available at (68MB).


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